Renting properties has never been so easy
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For Renters

  • Financial Assessment

    Knowing your capability to support a rent it’s a major concern from the landlords. Get more credibility in your application by requesting an analysis from our experts.

  • Several Houses to Apply

    Send your application for as many houses as you love, in a very simple way, without wasting time.

  • eSign Rental Agreement

    No need to worry with paper contracts anymore. Whether you are a local or live outside, we offer you a legal online document, ensuring security in all process.

For Landlords

  • Access to Information

    Not only will you list your property, as you will also get suggestions on the market rent prices and details about the visits on your property page.

  • Applications with Financial Assessment

    No need to waste time verifying the applicant anymore. Rentlovers analyses both financial and risk information for you. You get the score from each candidate.

  • eSign Contract

    Rentlovers provides you a legal rental agreement signed digitally by you and the renter. This way, you receive an electronic and legal contract and the renter receives a secure version of it.

The team

Who is behind the project

Bruno Delgado

Fullstack Developer

Diogo Santos

Data Scientist

Miguel Alves

Businness Analyst

Pedro Cruz

Frontend Developer